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Are you looking to do something different?  Why not organise a wine tasting for friends or work colleagues?  Or what about making sure the wine is right for that special occasion, weddings, anniversaries or other celebrations?

Wine Tasting Glasses

Get a different take on a staff social event or reward your staff in a unique and inspiring way.  Maybe you want to find that right gift for your clients this year?

Whatever the reason we are happy to come to you with a selection of wines to host a wine tasting at your premises for up to 20 people (larger groups can be hosted by special arrangement).  Prices start at £5 a head and rise to £15 depending on the wine selection required.

Interested?  Contact us.

Or, if you are just looking for a public tasting to join in with, check our dates below and contact us for information and tickets.  Public tastings are in the Milton Keynes and Bedford areas.

Below are the forthcoming public events.

Proposed dates for wine tastings are listed below.  If you are interested in organising something around the dates listed please contact us for more information.

16th to 24th March 2018

20th to 28th April 2018

18th to 26th May 2018

15th to 23rd June 2018

14th to 22nd September 2018

19th to 27th October 2018

Xmas tasting dates to be notified later in the year.

Please comment on the Wine tasting evenings below.

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  1. We recently attended a wine tasting evening which was most enjoyable. It was very informative learning some new facts about wine, in particular around the bottling and what the different logos and markings on the bottle meant. The selection of wines on offer were great, good variety and very reasonably priced. I don’t usually drink red wine but having tasted some at the event I actually found one that I really enjoyed so couldn’t resist purchasing a bottle (along with a few others!). The evening was relaxed and suitable for everyone, even for those that have very little knowledge about wine. After attending one of Geoff’s wine tasting events you will certainly leave feeling more informed and safe in the knowledge that it isn’t always the most expensive wines that taste the best, its all down to individual preference! Thank you for a great evening and we are looking forward to organising an event with you very soon.

  2. Excellent evening in a private house on 4th December. Some very good tips on differences between tasting reds and whites, which were new to us and made a significant difference to the experience. An interesting range of wines and look forward to drinking some next year. Ian and Jennifer.

    1. Thank you Ian and Jennifer. Enjoy your wines.

  3. This was the first wine tasting I have ever been to, so I found it to be very well presented and informative. Unfortunately I suffer from a condition known as “burning mouth syndrome” which means I am unable to give an accurate description of the wines presented. However the wines I tasted did appear to be very nice, even with my sense of taste ! I enjoyed the evening very much, so thanks to Geoff and Judith.

  4. An enjoyable and very informative evening. Marking down the different elements made me think about the wines I was drinking rather than just “taste” them. Some surprising wines and some very good tips for food to drink the wines with!

  5. The wine tasting event was very enjoyable. Whilst it was a nice relaxed social event, it was also very informative and would highly recommend it.

    The information about the wines was delivered in a very clear and approachable format. It was a pleasure to learn so much about the producers from such an enthusiastic and passionate team.

    I was able to try a number of wines that I wouldn’t normally be able to, and buy some outstanding varieties at very reasonable prices.

  6. The evening was very well presented and informative. The team were able to clearly explain terms that I’d seen on bottles and never understood and answer every question thrown at them. I was recently to be seen in our local supermarket fruitlessly hunting out a bottle of champagne with the discreet but important RM code! The wines that we tasted all varied in style, flavour and price. My wife even overcame her dislike of sweet white wine – a revelation to behold! As someone who’d never been wine tasting before I would recommend an evening spent with BFW. You will enjoy yourself, be better informed and drink wine; what more could you desire….

  7. We enjoyed the wine tasting event last week and found it light, interesting and quite helpful. The tips and explanations were clear and concise. While we enjoy wine, we didn’t know much about the specifics of taste, aroma, body and aftertaste. Geoff made this easy to understand and was patient with those of us who have much to learn as well as the attendees who have much more sophisticated knowledge. It was much fun also. We were surprised to learn the wines we sampled also didn’t break the bank and the prices were quite reasonable.

  8. A very interesting and informative evening. The presentation was passed on in a clear, precise way which could be easily understood by either sommeliers or wine dummies. The evening was well organised by the team, with time taken to explain any queries or questions. Our choice from the tasting was a smooth, red Pique Russe and a fruity dry clear white Mas Karolina.

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